So many me (that’s a game reference, not a typo)

It’s interesting to note how many video game sites are collecting stats about game developers.  With respect to my name specifically, it seems that all of them are incomplete, and I suspect that is the case for most game developers.  For example, you can check out Paul Glinker on Moby Games, and you can check out Paul Glinker on Giant Bomb (no idea what’s behind the name there).  There’s even a Meta Critic listing for Paul Glinker.  Most of them list only 2 or 3 games out of the roughly 20 that I have worked on.  As an aside, while those sites are all very nice, you might also like to know that there is a Paul Glinker Twitter account, and also a Paul Glinker Linked-in user.

I propose the idea of an unbiased centeral governing body for game credits.  An organization that maintins a database of all ‘official’ game credits.  That way developers who worked on things will be remembered, and all those websites can pull an accurate feed, or buy snapsots of the database.

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