Open Source Software

Occasionaly I release the source to some of my libraries and experiments. 

Unless explicitly stated to the contrary, all code released on this website is governed by the following open source license agreement.  It is slightly different than some of the other open source licenses out there, so be sure to read and understand it.



Copyright © 2005 - 2013 by Paul Glinker. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

By using this code you agree to the following terms:

a) You are permitted to use this code for personal and/or commercial purposes.

b) You may redistribute this code as part of a project ONLY IF this legal

   agreement remains, and any changes/additions to the code or documentation

   are clearly marked.

c) This code is provided "as is", with NO WARRANTY of any kind, express or

   implied, not even "fitness for a particular purpose".

d) Paul Glinker shall under no circumstances be liable for any damages

   resulting from the use or misuse of this code.

e) In jurisdictions where any part of this legal agreement is not legal or

   not enforceable by law, part 'e' shall remain upheld, and you are expressly

   forbidden to use this code for any purpose.

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